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Here are some of our lovelies from last season. Check back summer 2023 for updated list.

About Newfound Flower Co.

Hi, I'm Kenzie!
Here you can follow my journey with Newfound Flower Co.

I have always loved dirt, nature, and things that grow. But to be honest, I have not always loved flowers. My love for flowers found me out-of-the-blue when I decided to grow a few flowers simply because my sister-in-law, Mandi, convinced me to (she's the tall one in the photo). 

That's how I decided on the name "Newfound Flower Co." Flowers found me, and they fit so well into my love for growing things and getting my hands dirty! 

Together, Mandi and I grow, design, and sell cut flowers and herbs to local florists, friends, and anyone who would like something beautiful in their life! 

My hope is that our flowers and herbs inspire you to connect with nature, slow down --even if just for a moment!--, and appreciate the simple things in life. 

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